Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Web Designer Ramblings - One Cool Camera!

I am not only a web designer, but also a rather obsessed photography hobbyist (isn't it obvious). I have had a chance to play with a variety of budget level digital slr cameras including the Canon 350D, Pentax K100D and Olympus E-500. I decided to purchase the Nikon D40, one of the newer players on the block. The quality of the camera is immediately evident from the excellent fit & finish, and, a very quiet, almost vibration-less shutter. The image quality that is captured through a combination of the excellent lens and reliable metering and sensor is simply the state of the art for 6 megapixel digital cameras to date (in spite of all the marketing drivel, most of us will never need more than 6 megs). Images have great color and detail and are noise free. Plus, this is the sort of camera that allows you to focus on what you're shooting--it consistently yields excellent results. All the budget dslr's are very good. The Nikon D40 simply has a jewel-like quality in construction (eye-candy appeal) and results that makes it an excellent bargain!


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