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  • A Web Designer Blogs!

    Why Travel Agents Need Great Web Design

    Even though online travel bookers like Travelocity and Priceline have conered 70% of the recreational travel market, there is a greater need than ever for experienced travel agents. Read "TRAVEL AGENTS MAKE A COMEBACK" for more information.

    travel agent website design

    Tags : travel agent agents web website design

    Facial Spa Website Design

    Here is a new Facial Spa website design we are featuring in our RESPONSIVE WEBSITE DESIGN PORTFOLIO. This design, created for a Facial Spa in California, features a flexible responsive web design that makes it fully compatible with smartphones, iPhones and other Mobile Web devices.

    facial spa website design

    Tags : facial spa website design responsive

    New Resort Travel Website In Our Portfolio

    We have been doing some exciting new website design, and want to show you our latest offering. This resort travel website design uses responsive design technology to in sure full compatibility with all Mobile-Web devices, including smartphones, iPhones, tablets and other portable devices.

    resort travel web design

    You can see this this website and get more information in our RESPONSIVE WEBSITE DESIGN PORTFOLIO.


    Tags : travel responsive web website design

    A New Albuquerque Restaurant Guide

    Albuquerque Restaurants

    This is our new ALBUQUERQUE RESTAURANTS WEBSITE DESIGN premiering this week (yay!). This website features listings of the best restaurants, cafes, bakeries and craft breweries in Albuquerque, New Mexico, along with localized maps and directions. It is the perfect guide for Albuquerque visitors and tourists, giving them a reliable guide to the best "Good & Cheap" restaurants in Albuquerque.

    In addition, this website includes tips for folks visiting the ALBUQUERQUE INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA along with fascinating Balloon Fiesta photos and photography tips. Check it out!

    Tags : Albuquerque restaurants webdesign BalloonFiesta

    Web Design That Borrows From The Past

    web design portfolio - responsive

    StylePeterson.com is my WEB DESIGN PORTFOLIO DEVOTED TO RESPONSIVE AND MOBILE READY WEBSITES. In developing this website I wanted to emphasize the fact that portable Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets were now the most popular way to browse the Internet. Consumers have made their choice!

    web design portfolio - smartphones and mobile

    To build on that theme, I created the tagline "Mobile has Become King" and used it for a series of images that feature portraits of royalty by the Old Masters. Not only does it provide a unique take on the subject of mobile, the old portraits are full of rich texture and color that gives a human touch to the web design!

    web design portfolio - responsive mobile ready

    Tags : webdesign responsive oldmasters smartphones mobile

    Web Design Color Inspiration

    Madrid, New Mexico, Color Inspiration for Website Design


    Love that color! This setting was photographed outside of a small gift shop in Madrid, New Mexico. Madrid is a funky little former ghost town resurrected as an artist's commune and tourist attraction. It is chock full of unusual eye candy like this wonderful combination of textures and colors. It gives me a color palette to use in my next website design!

    Tags : websitedesign Madrid NewMexico inspiration

    Elegant Website Design for Premium Products

    I want to introduce our 'sister' website that offers ELEGANT WEBSITE DESIGN expressly for luxury goods and premium products. This website features clean, timeless website design that works well with designer products. Check it out!

    Elegant website design for designer products

    Our New Website Redesign Is Coming!

    redesign our website

    Here is a sneak peak at our website redesign currently in the works! Soon (hopefully) we will have the newly redesigned newark1.com in place. There are some major changes in the works that reflect the current state of the Web.

    A major change in our web design will be an upgrade to responsive web design. This will insure that our website will be fully compatible with all smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets ... Indeed, we will be fully adaptable to all Web enabled devices. Smartphones will soon be used for more than 50% of all Web browsing by consumers. Now is the time to upgrade for that reality!

    We have also resisted the tendency to over-design our website. Many of the web design trends today emphasize "shouty," overly-complex, over-the-top interfaces that leave the vast majority of online users intimidated. Simplicity and elegance remain the hallmarks of our web design. Make it welcoming, easy-to-use and attractive. Design for real-people, not techies. This strategy has worked best for our clients, and it works for us too! Stay tuned!

    Tags : websiteredesign


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