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My Most Popular Web Design Ever

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!  As web designers, we want people to see beauty in our work. It is deeply satisfying to create a web design that gets near unanimous praise and brings new business to your door. I have created a few web designs over the years that have done just that. These are the ones attract the most attention, and prompt new clients to ask: "Can you create a web site for me like the one you did for ---?

I enjoy creating "feel good" web design that touches emotions, and has universal appeal.

travel, cruise web design

On the one hand, I love to hear that question. It means that my work is creating a positive response, it touches people. However, at other times it puts a damper on my restless urge to forge ahead with new creative ideas. Nevertheless, I am always happy to hear a positive response to my work.

Certain web designs in my portfolio have spawned more than ten near copies (I always make alterations so that the design is never exactly the same). However, there is one web design that has attracted the most attention over the past five years:

Travel Web Design

Travel Web Design
I created this web design with a travel theme more than six years ago for a timeshare resort community in the Playa Riviera resort city in New Mexico. Travel is one of my favorite themes for web design. Powder blue skies, white sand beaches, crystal blue waters that fade into the horizon . . . it practically designs itself! I had a great client, a spectacular location, and a vision. I wanted this web site to feel like a high-end travel magazine with page layouts that features large compelling images and highly legible, inviting content. The client loved it, and so have more than ten other clients who have asked for variations of this design for their business.

What attracts people most to this design is the inviting beachfront colors on the homepage. That bluer than blue ocean. It creates an instant yearning, a wanderlust that draws visitors into the website. It is a "feel good" design that tugs at our emotions, and has a universal appeal.

Travel Web Design Site

It's great to create a web design that has enduring appeal. By the way, do you need an appealing, effective web design for your business? Please visit my web design portfolio. You may see something that catches your eye, and touches your heart!

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