We love to create luxury travel web design featuring the most beautiful destinations on our planet!

luxury travel web design

Indeed, developing web design that showcases a diversity of travel destinations and cultures is almost as enjoyable as being there! We created this web design for a California based online travel agency that specializes in travel experiences and cruises that go far beyond sightseeing and tours.

Web Design That Conveys the Joys of Travel

Our web design seeks to convey the joys of experiencing travel destinations with a greater intimacy than most travel packages allow. It is full of carefully selected images of exotic destinations just waiting to be explored. Indeed, one of the most time-intensive parts of our web design process is selecting the perfect images! The resultant web pages are inviting, uncluttered, and speak clearly through both well chosen text and evocative images.

luxury travel web design - sample 2

Indeed, this web design reflects principles we have have adhered to since our inception: Create web sites that feel like the pages of a beautiful magazine! Make it feel humane and tactile. In doing so, we encourage viewers to browse and linger. Each page draws the viewer in and ultimately provides a call to action.

Luxury Travel Web Design - Sample 3

The color palette has been selected to provide a warm, inviting context for the travel destinations and cruises featured on each page. They also convey a sense of refinement compatible with the "Signature Travel" features offered by our client.

Can you feel the soft ocean breezes, see the deep blue skies, and imagine the beauty of far-away destinations? This new travel web design tantalizes the senses and provides a fitting introduction to the travel experience of a lifetime! Call Don Peterson, Web Design Consultant at 917.267.9281 for your next website!

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