AS NEW YORK WEBSITE DESIGNERS, we understand the need to get your message across in a "New York minute." However, that message must also be delivered with verve and finesse worthy of one of the greatest cities in the world. We're from "The Big Apple" ourselves, so we understand your audience and what it takes to hold their attention. Our New York Web Design Portfolio features numerous hard-working web sites that rise above the din and chatter of New York City with wit and style that commands attention.

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New York Website Designers


New York Businesses Need Compelling Web Design

New York City small business owners and consultants must build an online brand that conveys the passion and personality of their business. The personality, warmth, and passion makes your business live and breathe must be fully conveyed in your web site design. Sadly, most web designers overlook this vital ingredient in effective web design. The clinical, dry, "engineered" look common to most web sites misses that all-important human touch. Web sites must appeal to flesh and blood ... real people! As New York City Website Designers, we understand the rich and colorful persona of New Yorkers, and can interpret that into a website that promotes your personal brand with finesse and spirit.

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Consider this: What makes a potential business associate likable? Appealing and admirable human qualities that go beyond the mechanics of a business transaction are often the glue that build long-term relationships. Those human qualities must also be evident in your web design! It too must be genuinely likable, possessing a human warmth that draws potential customers to your business. We like to call that "emotional web design." It both informs and touches the hearts of potential customers.

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New York Website Design Samples

Here is one example of effective emotional web design (shown below): We created this web site design for Valerie Haboush, a local copywriter with a solid reputation for writing engaging copy that sells homes and properties for the top realtors in the New York metro area. Her personality and style is an essential component of her identity and brand. As web designers, we sought to convey those human qualities in the look and feel of the web site.

The home page we created has verve, and matches the colorful personality of our client. It is not a "me-too" web design. It speaks of a warm and inviting business owner with a passion for creativity. The personality of the web design makes it memorable, even unforgettable. In a city like New York, you need that flavorful emotional spice in your web design to give your business the edge. That's what we do at

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As New York Website Designers for more than twenty years, with a background in advertising, we merge our passion for emotional web design with solid marketing principles and good taste. Donald Peterson, the creative force behind, has designed numerous hard-working web sites for a growing list of savvy international clients. All web design seen on this page was created by Don Peterson. We want to make your business an online success as well. Please contact Donald at 917-267-9281 for a free consultation and answers to your questions.

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