We create mobile-friendly web design with emotional appeal.

Our web design portfolio is a reflection of the principles that have guided our work for more than twenty years. Create mobile-friendly web design with enduring emotional appeal. Appealing to consumers online is not an exercise in technology and programming. Rather, it is an appeal to the emotions, and sensibilities of people who think and act like people, not computers. Therefore, the same qualities that attract in day to day interactions with real people, must also be seen in web design. The work in our web design portfolio is created around that simple, yet fundamental observation. We like to call our approach to web design 'PetersonStyle.'

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  • Web Design Portfolio - Travel Web Design
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Our web design strives to be welcoming, comfortable and easy to navigate. This allows potential customers to focus on your product and message, not the technology that surrounds it. We create likable, friendly web design. The images are pleasant and inviting, never intimidating or inappropriate. We like the people we serve, and it shows in the quality of our work. The qualities you find appealing in a face-to-face meeting you will also find in our web design. A warm human touch characterizes all of our work.

Web Design Portfolio - Real Estate

Web Design That Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile Web, including the use of smartphones for web-browsing, has quickly become an online force to be reckoned with. Website design must now be compatible with every Web-enabled device, from mobile smartphones to large desktop flat-screen monitors. Our website design has kept up-to-date. We use "responsive" web design technology to insure that our current projects are future-proof, and fully adaptable to all Web-enabled devices. All current projects in our Web Design Portfolio are mobile-friendly (smartphone ready). Here is a sample (below) of a current web design project that looks beautiful on any Web-enabled device.

web design portfolio - mobile-friendly

Google, the world's most popular search engine requires that websites meet mobile friendly standards in order to be ranked highly in mobile search results. All current websites we build meets Google's standards. We recently developed a mobile-friendly real estate website for a NYC client that you can read more about here.

Web Design That Connects With Consumers

We strive to make an emotional connection to the viewer with each web site we create. Doing so gives our clients a competitive advantage. Most of what we see on the Web feels like it was created by programmers for programmers. Most web sites are visually cluttered and technically complex, in ways that intimidate and challenge viewers. However, our web design strives to be welcoming, comfortable and simple to navigate. It has the human touch, and resonates emotionally with visitors. That allows customers to focus on your product and message, not the technology that surrounds it.

web design portfolio - e-commerce

The spa web design shown below uses compelling images, color, light and pattern to create a warm and inviting presentation that is emotionally engaging. It has the human touch, and transcends the technical medium used to view it.

Web Design Portfolio - Spa Web Design

We are also focused on providing top quality 'responsive' web design to insure that your website is fully compatible with all smartphones and tablets, in addition to laptop/desktop computers. Consumers appreciate that!

web design portfolio - mobile friendly - responsive

One of the biggest challenges that comes with each web design project is creating the right image. Selecting photos, graphics, and colors that convey the right message and that work together as part of the larger design is hard work. The time put into this effort pays off, as seen in the beauty and wellness web design shown below. The end result is a web design that shows attention to detail that is appreciated by the client and potential customers.

Our Web Design Portfolio Highlights

See our list of Web Design Portfolio Samples here. This portfolio is a demonstration of the proven principles that guide our creative efforts. Avoiding fads and gimmicks, we focus on what matters most to you and your customers. We take great pride in providing the best possible solution for the needs of each of our web design clients. Whether it is travel web design, cosmetics web design, or tasty chocolate web design, we touch the hearts of consumers.

Web Design Portfolio - chocolate

web design portfolio - chocolate #2


Web Design Portfolio - Chocolate Web Design 6

WordPress Web Design Experts

WordPress is an excellent Content Management System (CMS) that allows us to offer sophisticated and powerful website functionality to clients on a small-business budget. It is one of the best ways to develop a cost-effective responsive (mobile-friendly) website within a tight budget with expert Search Engine Optimization and Social Media tools built-in. More than 70% of the website we currently develop use WordPress as a CMS. This gives our clients the best-in-class tools they need for online business marketing on a budget.

Web Design Portfolio - 1k

We have developed websites for a wide range of industries, businesses, and organizations. Our proven methodology has helped businesses worldwide to develop effective online presentations. We can also help you to create your best website ever! We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy the hard-working websites in my web design portfolio.

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