Website tips for attracting affluent customers

For nearly two decades, I have designed successful websites for high-end real estate and luxury travel business sectors. In the process, I have helped realtors market equestrian estates, luxury Manhattan properties, and exotic travel destinations. There are certain essential qualities that websites must possess if they are to appeal to wealthy customers. These are visual qualities that effective web design can convey. I have defined 3 principles that are essential to marketing online more effectively to affluent customers. Here are 3 key ways to attract wealthy customers to your website:

How To Attract Wealthy Customers to Your Website

1. Personality and Emotion

Most business relationships are based on the fact that we like the person we decide to work with. People want to work with people who display qualities they consider appealing. The same is true when it comes to designing websites. Your business website must have a personality, and mirror positive, appealing human attributes. Does your website feel hospitable and cordial? Does it convey warmth and kindness? The same qualities that attract us to other people must be seen in your website as well. The skillful use of color and images can give your business website a distinct, appealing and memorable personality.

Personality is also expressed in they way we communicate online. Through articles or blog posts, we can express the passion we bring to our business. We can also convey our attentiveness to customer needs. Don't allow your website to be merely an online brochure. Give it a soul with expressive web design and passionate copywriting. You will be sure to touch an emotional chord in your potential customer if you do!

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2. Trust

What motivates a potential customer to buy from an online website? What convinces them to trust the articles or blog posts written by an online source? The Stanford Web Credibility Project studied the factors that contribute to website trust. Their finding? "Nearly half of all consumers (or 46.1%) in the study assessed the credibility of sites based in part on the appeal of the overall visual design of a site, including layout, typography, font size and color schemes." What is the point? Nearly half of all consumers assign greater trust to websites that are well designed.

Often, in today's world, the first contact a potential customer will have with your business is through your website. Good web design will convince them to take the next step in the purchasing process.There is a logic behind this. A professionally designed website is a reflection of the time, resources, and effort you put into your business. This is your online storefront or office. When it 'speaks' well of you, it confers trust.

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3. Good Taste

The Oxford Dictionary defines taste as: "The ability to discern what is of good quality or of a high aesthetic standard. Conformity or failure to conform with generally held views concerning what is offensive or acceptable." Good taste is enduring, timeless, and always appropriate. It does not needlessly shock or offend. It has a high aesthetic standard that eschews fad. Affluent customers are drawn to things that are designed in good taste. Web sites must reflect good taste if they are to appeal to and motivate prosperous customers.

Web design is a form of visual communication. Ideally, we want it to be persuasive. It can speak directly to our emotions and motivate. When it contains the three keys discussed here, it will attract consumers who value quality. -Don Peterson

3 Ways to Attract Wealthy Customers…