Has your website has been crushed by Google's mobile-friendly update?

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Here are four facts about the update that may help you to sleep a bit better.

The Mobile Friendly update does not affect Google searches on tablets or desktops, and it’s a page-level change. This means that only the individual web pages that are not mobile friendly will be penalized by this upgrade. Only mobile-friendly pages will be able to get a boost as a direct result of the change.

♣ Google determines whether or not a page is mobile-friendly every time it’s crawled, so webmasters won’t have to wait for another major update after they fix a web page for it to be ranked as mobile-friendly. If you haven't upgraded your web pages to be mobile-friendly, you will still benefit if you do so in the near future.

♥ Google is saying now that the update should take “a week or so." So check back later in the week to see how the changes have affected your website.

♦ Web pages using the older code for YouTube embeds may register as not mobile-friendly. Make sure pages are using the newer iframe embeds.

Do you feel a bit better now? Good! Now let's see what we can do about making you mobile friendly!


Mobile-Friendly: 4 Essential Facts