Four Home Remodeling Website Tips That Sell!

We have had good experience creating home remodeling web site design (including renovation & decorating) companies. I want to share some of the best practices we have discovered along the way. Business owners in the home remodeling / construction industry usually have a hands-on approach to their business. They are craftsmen as well as business owners. Therefore, most simply don't have the time to invest in the web design process, and rely upon us to create a top quality website with minimal guidance. Here are a few key goals that will help you to create a home remodeling website that meets the needs of busy professionals.

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Make Your Home Remodeling Website Appealing!

That may seem obvious. Here's why it's so important: Home remodeling relies heavily upon making an aesthetic appeal to potential customers. The home is usually the most valued possession owned by consumers. Creating a website that conveys the high aesthetic standards and good taste of your home remodeling business is critical to making a good impression. Plus, be sure that the website is mobile-friendly so that it can be browsed on all smartphones and tablets.

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The first impression that your website makes is purely emotional. The skillful use of color, layout, and white space speaks volumes. It can create an emotional bond with a potential customer, or repel them. A highly appealing web design creates a first impression that lingers, and instantly puts your home remodeling business on the top of the list of potential candidates. While the husband and wife may share the decision of choosing a contractor, the wife usually has more say in how the final product should look. Your website must appeal to her aesthetic sensibilities and taste (above all) if it is to be taken seriously. Design it for her, and she becomes your best salesperson.

Please remenber that your potential customer is interested in the final product, not the process! Too many home remodeling websites emphasize photos that show the renovation in process, not the final product. That's like selling a beautiful car by showing the assembly line in all of the advertisements. Show off the beauty, the drama, and the appeal of the finished renovations. Make that beautiful presentation the highlight and emphasis of your website. It will convey an emotional appeal that will attract far more customers.

Use The Best Possible Home Remodeling Photography

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I had a client in the recent past who wanted me to create a website for a business selling premium hand-made chocolate truffles. However, he insisted on shooting photographs of his products on a kitchen sideboard with a smartphone camera. He had a great product, but you could not tell that by his photos. The photos were so poor that I turned down the project. I knew I would not be able to create a good web site with poor quality photos. The photos simply were not good enough to sell the product. Poor photography will repel potential customers. Your home remodeling website is your storefront. Investing in good product photography is critical to your website's success.

Make It Legible and Easy to Use

If your home renovation website makes a great first impression, a potential customer will take the next step. They will read your content. Is it clear and legible? Is there good use of white space, or do things feel cluttered? Is there good contrast between the text and the background? Make it easy for them to learn more about your home remodeling services. The neat, logical arrangement of content on your website also speaks of your good taste to a potential customer. These details matter, especially to the discerning eyes of female consumers.

Make It Easy To Contact You

The fundamental purpose of your website is to get potential customers to call you. When that happens, the website is doing what it is designed to do. Make it easy. Make sure your telephone number is on every page of your website.

These simple strategies work for our clients, and can work for you too, If you want a powerful online sales tool for your home improvement business, call us at . -Don Peterson

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