WordPress Is The Best Platform for Content Marketing:

Not only is WordPress the most popular software for blogging worldwide, it is also a great platform for search engine optimized content that attracts a targeted market to your business website. This software is a powerful marketing tool that provides many of the same features large companies pay programmers top dollar to code into their websites. Here are six benefits that a small business or startup can derive from WordPress:

WordPress for business websites

Ease of Use

Managing content in a WordPress blog or website is not difficult. The average person can be trained in less than an hour to use WordPress to manage existing content and add new posts or articles. If you need help, WordPress is the most common Content Management System (CMS) in use online, with over 60 million users. It is easy to find a qualified freelancer who can manage the site for you or give you needed training.

The WordPress Plugin Architecture

With over 37,000 plugins, WordPress provides one for nearly every functionality you could ever need. Everything from Social Media tools to E-Mail subscriptions can be added to your website without extensive programming. Most plugins are free or cost under $50.00. No other CMS has as much support by programmers worldwide.

WordPress for business #2

Design Choices

The wide availability of themes for WordPress gives you a full range of smart-looking design choices for your website. With some customization you can have a theme that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Mobile friendly themes for WordPress are one of the best choices for creating smartphone compatible websites.

Online Support

No other software is as fully supported as WordPress. If you have any questions, there are plenty of forums and message boards that probably have already tackled the issue you have and provide a solution. Simply do a search in Google to find expert guidance.

Ease of Software Updates

Recent versions of WordPress include an auto-update feature, a great way to insure that security updates are done automatically. Many plugins use this feature as well. However, I do recommend that you use a WordPress maintenance expert if you need to update a customized WordPress installation to insure that the everything goes smoothly. Freelancers that provide WordPress maintenance are widely available.

Don Peterson been a WordPress developer for more than a decade, providing WordPress websites and maintenance for small businesses and startups. Call Don for your WordPress needs.

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