For WordPress designers who like to tweak.

There is one thing I find maddening about most Social Media tools for WordPress. There is usually a limitation on the amount of customization that can be done. It's true that you can go into the CSS and make extensive customizations if you choose to do, but it should be an easy process done in an interface provided by the plugin. And yes, I want it for free (call me demanding if you so choose)!

Simple Share Buttons Adder - For WordPress Designers

Here is a Social Media plugin I discovered after playing with quite a few that offers an interface that allows the compulsive design tweaker (I'll confess to being one) to edit the buttons just the way he chooses. Best of all, it is a free plugin that offers a level of customization your normally need to pay $50-$130 for with other plugins and cloud-based Social Media tools.

The plugin is Simple Share Buttons Adder, a clumsy name for a well designed product. It has an interface that allows you to edit every parameter of customization from placement to spacing and incremental button and font sizes. Plus, you can change the colors to perfectly match your carefully designed web pages. It provides 9 choices of Social Media button design, each of which can be tweaked to your satisfaction, along with a custom button maker. This is truly the designer's choice for Social Media in WordPress.

WordPress Social Sharing ButtonsThe plugin is also lightweight and causes no degradation in page loading speed that I can discern. Most of the code loads below the content in fast-loading JavaScript. Additionally, you have the option of making all outgoing links from Simple Share Buttons Adder nofollow, allowing you to preserve your precious Google link juice (Google it if you want to know what 'link juice' is). Also, you are not required to have an on page link to the plugin maker's website. It also works beautifully in smartphones and other Mobile Web devices. Did I mention that this plugin is free?

The customization options provided by the free version of this plugin is unusually generous. Most plugins of this type reserve this type of editing ability for a paid version. There is a $10 paid version, Simple Share Buttons Plus, that offers even more cool goodies, such as Facebook share count API, built-in GeoIP Tracking, URL shortener, floating/responsive share bar, popup share windows, Retina-ready CSS Sprites, Hover and click effects, and more.

Simple Share Buttons Adder is a smartly written free plugin that will have designers who love to tweak salivating. I use it myself as you can see at the end of this post. The image to the left shows how my Simple Share Buttons look in a smartphone setting after I customized the layout. This is a very versatile Social Media plugin for WordPress and is highly recommended!

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