WP Fastest Cache is a WordPress plugin that delivers!

WordPress Speed Boost

I like big graphics on my WordPress websites. Screen-filling images that add color and interest to a web page are normally bandwidth hogs, slowing down your WordPress blog or website. Here is a free, easy-to-setup plugin that will add a meaningful speed boost to your WordPress website: WP Fastest Cache WordPress plugin offers a simple solution that will work for WordPress blogs and websites. It is ideal for small WordPress website owners that want a simple solution that avoids the complexity of other speed enhancement plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. It is so easy, that it should be a default plugin install for most small WordPress blogs and websites. Free and easy speed!

How WP Fastest Cache Boosts WordPress Speed

WP Fastest Cache works by creating static HTML files from your database-driven WordPress pages. Instead of your website having to use the MySQL database and PHP code that generate web pages, faster loading static HTML pages are served. This lessens the load on your web host's servers, speeding up your WordPress website in the process.

In addition, WP Fastest Cache has several other features that enhance website speed. In WP Fastest Cache these settings are simple to configure:

♣ Generating static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog

♣ Minify Html - You can decrease the size of page by removing unnecessary white space, characters and comments, making web pages load faster

♣ Minify Css - You can decrease the size of css files removing unnecessary white space, characters and comments, making CSS load faster

♣ Enable Gzip Compression - Reduce the size of files sent from your server to increase the speed of transmission to web browsers.

♣ Browser caching - Reduce page load times for repeat visitors

♣ Combine CSS - Reduce number of HTTP round-trips by combining multiple CSS resources into one

♣ Combine JS

These settings all work together to add a major improvement in WordPress speed at no cost. Plus, installation is a two-minute process without the complexity of other speed enhancement plugins. My settings are shown below:

WP Fastest Cache

WordPress Speed Boost Test Results

Here is a speed test result after installing WP Fastest Cache on newark1.com ( I used the free version of the plugin). I tested my freelance web design page, which has 1.5 megabytes worth of images and would normally take more than 8 seconds on average to load fully. The speed test shows this page now loading in less than 2 seconds on the average in the United States. That is an excellent improvement!

WordPress Speed Boost - WP Fastest Cache

I highly recommend WP Fastest Cache as a default install on small WordPress websites that are not using any of the more complex speed enhancement plugins.

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