The Need for Good Taste in Web Design...

In a recent conversation with a potential client, I was told that my web design looks 'mature'. I considered that a compliment of high order. It was another way of saying that my web design was done in good taste. It seems that good taste is becoming a rarity these days.

In Defense of Good Taste

I recently observed a conference where the key speaker, a highly respected authority in the online marketing industry, addressed attendees wearing jeans, sneakers and an open collar shirt. What is more, his formal presentation was littered with profanity. The audience had gone to considerable expense to be in attendance at this conference. Obviously, the keynote speaker felt that his casual attire and speech were perfectly suitable. And, perhaps his audience did too. That is something that would have been considered in bad taste, perhaps even an insult, a decade or more ago.

Many today rise to the defense of their right to dress and speak as they please, no matter how slovenly or profane. Good taste is not just in decline, it is in a state of freefall. Well, do we need good taste, some may wonder?

Why Do We Need Good Taste?

In urban centers, where we literally rub shoulders with strangers every day, good taste is essential. We are in close proximity with people constantly. The way we dress, speak and behave has a profound impact on the quality of life for ourselves and those around us. When we take a bit of care in our dress, grooming and manners, we show respect for others, enhancing the quality of daily life. Common pleasantries can make the cacophony of urban life a much more pleasant experience.

During a visit to Paris, France a decade or so ago, I was struck by the way good taste added so much to the culture and decorum of that city. You did not see flip flops, tattered t-shirts or sneakers. There was a level of refinement that permeated the urban environ that I really admired. It was not about dressing expensively, but rather, appropriately. Good taste matters.

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Web Design In Good Taste

I am a firm believer in the virtues of good taste. If we cultivate it in life, it shows in our work. The sort of commercial web design that I do is a form of visual persuasion. However, it persuades not by vulgarity or shock value. Rather, it appeals to the good in people. It touches the heart. I like to create websites that feel warm and hospitable. In essence, it is well-mannered design. We naturally respond positively when we are accorded dignity and respect by others. Hopefully, my web design speaks to your potential customers in that fashion. After all, good taste is good for business. -Don Peterson

In Defense of Good Taste