Add Light and Reflections To Your Web Design for Greater Visual Interest

Light and reflections can add a sense of depth and texture to a web design layout, creating the impression that you are looking into the layout dimensionally. This home page, developed for a cleaning products manufacturer a few years ago, shows one way to add the impression of light and depth.

Add Light & Reflections to your Web Design

I created subtle white gradients in Photoshop that were used in the blue bar at the bottom of this web design to create the impression of light reflections. It adds a sense of depth and interest to what would have been a solid color only with little visual interest. Also, the blue gradient fading into white at the top of the page creates a sense of light and depth. Without these two seemingly minor elements, the overall composition would have been flat and lifeless.

light in website design

When applied in a subtle way, this visual tool can give your web pages a subtle sens of depth. Try it!

Add Light to Your Web Design