Albuquerque, New Mexico is perhaps the most iconic city along the old Route 66 in the southwestern United States. With its mix of Spanish and Native American cultures and a history clearly seen in its architecture, food and people, Albuquerque has more than its fair share of admirers. This restaurant review and travel blog is dedicated to promoting the best that "Duke City" has to offer.

Albuquerque Restaurant Review & Travel Guide

Albuquerque, New Mexico Travel Blog and Restaurant Guide

This is a website redesign that focuses on the Route 66 culture that has historically shaped downtown Albuquerque. This blog reviews restaurants of interest to travelers and attractions both in and around Albuquerque. Also, the website has been expanded to include attractions in the neighboring city of Santa Fe along with key attractions that are less than a days tip from Albuquerque.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Restaurants & Travel

The web design uses bold, eye-catching graphics sure to appeal to travelers and foodies in New Mexico. Each page of the blog uses a magazine style format with a large photo on the right. This is a fully responsive design that adapts to all smartphones and tablets while maintaining a strong visual appeal. Also, this design is very easy to maintain. Adding new articles and photos is easily done in this WordPress based design. Social Media tools makes it easy to Tweet, Like or post articles and photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Albuquerque Travel & Restaurant Website Design

Finally, this website is Search Engine Optimized to ensure that all content is properly indexed by Google and other search engines. The end result is a visually exciting travel blog and restaurant guide that promotes the best of Albuquerque, New Mexico -Don Peterson

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