Albuquerque loves smartphones!

Albuquerque website design is affordable, and all about smartphones! Duke City consumers are wedded to their smartphones. Mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, and tablets are the new, portable Yellow Pages directories on steroids. If you want to reach consumers in Albuquerque, you first need to do so on their smartphone!

Albuquerque Website Design

Is Your Business on My Smartphone?

Typically, before an Albuquerque consumer will set foot in a new restaurant or shop, they will do some preliminary research. That usually means going to a search engine on their smartphone (most likely Google), typing in the name of your business, and checking your menus, prices, product availability or directions. In order to do that, your business must be on their smartphone! That means more than simply having a website, it must be mobile-friendly! Our Albuquerque website design will help you to answer yes, my business is on your smartphone!

Why Your Business Needs A Responsive Website Now

Google, in a May 2015 conference, revealed that more than 50% of all search engine queries in the United States and Canada are done on smartphones. What does that mean for your business? You need a responsive, mobile-friendly website to insure that you are reaching all of your potential online customers in Albuquerque.

A responsive website adapts web pages on-the-fly to fit any screen from a smartphone to a desktop computer, insuring that it is fully usable on all mobile devices. It adds navigation on smartphones that can be used with finger touch. It automatically corrects page layouts so that you do not have to scroll continuously from left to right to read paragraphs of content. Responsive web design technology is considered the best approach for meeting smartphone equipped consumers by Google. In fact, Google now gives higher ranking to smartphone compatible websites on searches done on mobile devices.

Albuquerque Mobile Website Design

Can your business afford to ignore the needs of 50% or more of online consumers? Our Albuquerque website design is dedicated to helping you reach all potential customers, no matter what device they use to go online . We specialize in responsive mobile-friendly websites and WordPress development. WordPress is the most popular software platform for building robust mobile websites on a small-business budget. It also allows you as a business owner to easily update and add current information about your business without needing to consult a webmaster or designer. Let us help you to reach more of Albuquerque's savvy shoppers online!

The website featured at the top of this page is Albuquerque Restaurant Reviews & Travel Tips, developed in-house for smartphone savvy Albuquerque diners and travelers. It is an example of Albuquerque website design that reaches eager consumers every day! Contact Don Peterson for a free no-obligation consultation .

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