When you take a look at most car dealership websites, what is the overall impression they make? Bright, nearly garish colors... Punchy headlines with lots of bold type and capitalized wording... Cluttered, even confusing layouts with a hodgepodge of car graphics... Now, that may all may appeal to a narrow segment of the car buying market; young men attracted to the sporty vehicles so often seen screeching around corners on smoking tires in Youtube videos. But is your auto dealership website reaching the most profitable online market? Who really uses auto dealership websites for purchasing decisions? How can you reach them?

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Women Dominate the Car-Buying Market

Consider this: More than half of all cars sold in the United States are purchased by women. In addition, women take part in 80 percent of all family car buying decisions. 80%! Their interests most often drive the choice of vehicle purchased for the family.

While male buyers gravitate towards fast, sporty vehicles, big trucks, SUV's and luxury cars, women have a greater interest in fuel-efficient cars and crossovers. Typically, men see cars as a way to fulfill a fantasy, women see cars as a way to fill a need.

Woman Do More Online Vehicle Research

According to a recent study by marketing form Interactions, "91 percent of women surveyed conduct online research prior to making a purchase, and 92 percent are willing to pay more for competing products that receive positive online reviews."

The online vehicle research done by women provide a golden opportunity for automobile dealerships. "Dealership websites remain the No. 1 online research option for women, with 41.27 percent of survey respondents choosing this option on the survey. Coming in at No. 2 was manufacturer websites." -AutoRemarketing.com

Does Your Auto Dealer Website Reach Women?

What market are most auto dealership websites focused on? Typically. the young male buyer. This presents a problem and an opportunity. The interests of women, the largest portion of the car-buying market, are largely ignored when most auto dealership websites are designed.

Women Do More Online Car Buying Research

How To Reach Car-Buying Women Online

Auto dealerships that focus on the needs of female car buyers tap into the largest segment of the car buying market. How is that done? By focusing the issues that are important to women. For example, safety, utility, quality of materials, and reliability. Also, women give more importance to design and vehicle color. Can your automobile dealership be made more appealing to female consumers?

For starters, avoid the hodgepodge of noisy graphics and garish colors. The website should look well coordinated and tasteful, not "shouty." Colors should coordinate and be tasteful. Give careful thought to how the vehicles are photographed. Do you show the details that female buyers want to see?

Auto Dealer Website Design for Women

When it comes to website content, use a blog to discuss automobile features and issues that are important to women. For example, why not take a list of the top 10 vehicles purchased by women and provide and in-depth review of each if they are part of your inventory. Focus less on vehicle performance and more on the features that woman want to know about.

Answer Car-Buying Questions That Women Ask...

Creating website content that answers the questions women have about cars is a great way to meet their needs online. Women spend more time then men doing online research to build knowledge before making a vehicle choice. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/car-buying-still-has-a-gender-gap/ Can you see the opportunity here?

As a web designer for nearly twenty years, I have learned that the bulk of consumer website design is really design for women. They play a key role in the buying decisions made for the family. I can help your automobile dealership to tap into the largest segment of the online car-buying market with smart, consumer friendly website design. -Don Peterson, Freelance Web Design & Marketing

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