Don't Let Bad SEO Happen to Good Websites!

Recently, a potential web design client asked me to review her website, as it had not been receiving any traffic from Google search for some time. In doing so, I discovered that not a single web page on her site was showing up in relevant keyword search results. The only way to find the website was to do a search for the exact domain name. The website was over five years old and had more than 300 pages.

Avoid bad SEO advice!

What was the problem? Evidently, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service she hired in the past, used "black hat" SEO tricks that Google later banned to artificially boost her websites search ranking. Based on the evidence, it was apparent that Google penalized her website as a result.

With each passing year, Google becomes better at finding and penalizing the sort of tricks used by unscrupulous Search Engine Optimization "experts" to improve website search ranking. If your website is caught using these tricks, it will be penalized. Avoid bad SEO advice! If you want to improve your website's search results, simply do what Google is asking you to do: Write good, fresh, relevant content, and lots of it! Here's a brief overview of what makes Google happy. There are no tricks here. This is what Google wants its users to see when they click on your website from a search result:

What Google Wants: Quality Content That Meets Its Users Needs

Google Wants Good Content

Consider this: The quality of Google as a search engine lives or dies by the quality of the search results it offers. Its core mission is to return the best possible list of informative and relevant web pages for any search query.  When you provide Google with high-quality content, you are giving it the product it needs to thrive as a business. Make Google happy, and you'll be happy. Write stuff that people want to read.

Google Wants Up-To-Date Accurate Content

Google wants to give its users the most accurate, up-to-date information it can provide on any given subject. Keep your content updated. Add new content consistently to your website. Make sure it is accurate. If you link to other sources, make sure they are trusted sources with accurate content. Whenever possible, provide in-depth content that offers real value to readers.

Google Wants Mobile-Friendly Content

It's a mobile world now. More than half of all search requests come from smartphones. It is the device consumers are most likely to use to visit your website. Google wants to ensure that it sends mobile users to websites that are fully compatible with smartphones, phablets, and tablets. You are more likely to rank highly in search results if you have a Mobile-Friendly website.

Google wants mobile-friendly website design

Give Google What It Wants

Good Search Engine Optimization is delivering a website that offers the benefits that Google wants to pass on to its customers. If you give Google what it wants, it will reward you with higher search engine rankings and more traffic. The challenge lies in creating good online content consistently. Many businesses will not make the investment in time needed to create good content. That leaves a great opportunity for those that will. There are no shortcuts or magic tricks. Avoid bad SEO advice, and just give Google what it wants!


Avoid Bad SEO Advice!