Mouth-watering websites for bakeries and cake shops

Mmmm... can you smell the warm, tantalizing aroma of fresh baked bread? Perhaps, not online (at least, not yet). However, your bakery website design should stimulate the appetite and draw hungry customers into your bakery!

bakery website design #6

A great bake shop website teases the appetite with emotional, inviting images and colors. Irresistible baked treats are photographed as their best, and become the centerpiece of your website design. I get hungry building these websites!

Could this be your bakery website?

It certainly can! I developed this mobile-friendly bakery website design to meet the needs of small bakeshop owners and the customers they serve. First and foremost, it offers a tantalizing, mouth-watering invitation that no cake-lover could possibly resist! However, there is something unique about this website that your customers will appreciate. It looks just as appealing on smartphones and tablets as it does on a desktop computer. Why is that so important?

bakery website design

Local customers want your bakery on their smartphone.

When customers shop locally, they do most of their shopping research using the one device that is with them at all times - a smartphone. Therefore, it is vital that they are able to find and view your website with ease on any Mobile device that may have at hand. Whether it is a smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet, your bakery will make the best presentation possible with this website design. Consumers today use smartphones more than any other device for browsing the Web. We put your business into their hands with this stunning smartphone-ready bakery website!

mobile bakery website design

This bakery website contains everything you need to lure hungry consumers in your shop. The photos are large and appealing. Your logo is prominent. Store hours, your selections and prices are all quickly accessed on your website. Plus there is a Google map for directions, and Social Media buttons so they can tell everyone where they found that delicious cake! Finally, your contact information is available, along with an email form for quick communication. Everything your customer needs is here!

Make this your bakeshop website!

The images, logos, colors, and text are customized by us to ensure that this website is perfectly tailored to your needs. Plus, we work happily work small-business budgets. You'll have a professional website at a bargain rate! Contact Don Peterson for more information. And yes, I do accept free baked goods taste samples!

Bakery Website Design Inspiration