I love beautiful design in any discipline.

Here is a classic sports car design that I can easily fall in love with. Not because it is fast or noisy. Personally, I don't need 500 horsepower and a rock-hard suspension that hugs corners like a cheetah. I prefer to hold a pleasant conversation at 60MPH while road irregularities are hushed by a cushy hydropneumatic suspension. Call me an old softie, I don't care. That is why I am so taken by this lovely Citroen SM Cabriolet, 1971 vintage. Just look at it! Gallic good looks from a time when French cars were as stubbornly French as baguettes with wine and cheese.

Beautiful Design on 4 Wheels

The Citroen SM is a rare collectible (Photos: Artcurial) from the early 70's when Citroen briefly owned Maserati. It combines French elegance with an Italian spirit best seen in its sumptuous leather interior. Like a well-cut French suit, it wears its age well. This rare beast is only one of six ever built, and was auctioned for the sort of money that makes it a toy of the 'well heeled.' That's perfectly fine. I don't need to own good design to appreciate it.

Citroen Design - Photo 2

Great design is enduring. Like a good bottle of wine, it ages well and is a testament to the taste and vision of those who made it. As a web designer, I look for influence in things that are classic and possess the gift of longevity. This Citroen SM is one of those enduring icons of beauty. Don Peterson, Freelance Web Designer

Citroen SM - Photo 3

Beautiful Design on 4 Wheels