My Best Websites for the Month of January

It's a new month, a new year, and an opportunity to create great new websites! Here is a running list (I will add more as the month progresses) of my best web design -  January 2016. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite chair. Here is the best of January! More of my selected web design portfolio projects will be added as the month progresses. So bookmark us and return!

best web design - January 2016

One of the challenges faced by a small business is choosing the right freelance web designer. What is a good price? What questions do I ask a web designer? How can I determine if we will work well together? This article will help you to answer those questions and make the best choice for your business!

Chiropractic Website Design

Chiropractic Website Design #1

I'm starting this month with a chiropractic website. This eye-catching web design is perfect for a small chiropractic office that wants to create a great online impression. Because it is built on WordPress, it is easily maintained by non-technical staff. Plus, it contains all of the functions that a medical office website needs. Learn more about this chiropractic website design here.

Travel Website Design

travel website design - 2016

The 2016 traveler and tourist does everything on a smartphone! They book airlines and hotels before departure. They make restaurant reservations as they travel. The smartphone has become the indispensable travel accessory of 2016. Does your travel website make an appealing presentation on smartphones and tablets? Here's why my travel web design for 2016 and beyond puts Mobile first.

Wedding Planner Website Design

web design for wedding consultants

This wedding planner website design is a small-business budget website with big features! Stunning photography and romantic color palettes make this wedding website irresistible to brides-to-be planning their special event. Learn more about this delightful wedding planner website design here.

Exciting Spa Website Design!

Spa Website Design - #17

This new spa website design follows one of our key principles for 2016: Design for Mobile First. In other words, make sure that the customer experience on a mobile device is beautiful and motivating. More than half of the visitors to your spa website in 2016 will do so on smartphones. Make sure that their visit is a great one!

Real Estate Web Design for 2016 & Beyond!

best real estate web design - 2016

The real estate web design I am doing now will serve the needs of homebuyers in 2016 & beyond. More than half of all online home purchasing research is done on smartphones. Therefore, my web design ensures that the visual and functional presentation of your real estate website is just as beautiful and motivating on a smartphone at it is on a desktop/laptop computer. Learn more about how this 'Mobile First' real estate web design strategy can help you to attract more homebuyers.

Business Website Design

Business Website Design

This website design was created for a company that provides software development outsourcing. As a business-to-business website, it has a polished professional look appropriate to its market. Read more about this business website design here.

Tasty Bakery Website Design

bakery website design #6

Now tell me, doesn't that look good enough to eat! This delectable bakery website uses stunning food photography and a clean, elegant presentation to capture the hearts and stomachs of hungry consumers. It is a delicious way to promote a bakery or pastry shop and is fully smartphone compatible. In fact, it looks great on your smartphone!

Medical Spa Web Design

medical spa website design

Medical spas are about results. The desire for younger and healthier looking skin is motivating phenomenal growth in the medical spa industry. This web design fills the need for a clean elegant online presentation that focuses on results. This medical spa website design is mobile friendly and offers all of the features that a busy spa needs to serve new and existing customers.

A New Life Coach Website Design!

life coach web design

This life coach web design is my latest creation for professional life coaches who want to make a great impression online. It has a fresh emotional appeal that is sure to reach the hearts of potential clients. Read more about my newest life coach web design here!

Lifestyle Website Design

lifestyle web design

What is lifestyle web design? It is web design that mirrors the lifestyle ambitions and dreams of consumers. I wrote an article this month that explains why any website that markets to consumers can benefit from lifestyle web design. Check it out!

Car Repair Shop Website Design

car repair shop website design

Here's a web design for the auto repair shops that keep our cars humming down the highway! This smartphone compatible website has all of the tools needed to attract new customers to your car repair shop. Learn more about this web design along with five tips for improving your car repair shop website!

I will be adding more featured web design projects as the month progresses, so come back soon!

My Best Web Design of January 2016