Is your website ready? By the end of 2017, Chrome and Firefox, the most popular browsers will no longer support Adobe Flash. Safari, Apple's browser has already taken this step. The question is, does your website still use Flash? Now is the time to update if your website still uses Flash technology.

Adobe Flash

Why Flash has Fallen Out of Favor

Adobe Flash, the popular online animation software has lost support for a number of reasons. Flash apps can drain battery life, suck up the graphics-processing unit's power, use an inordinate amount of memory, or potentially introduce security risks. These problems make Flash nearly unusable on smartphones and tablets which are now used for more than 50% of all Web browsing.

Still Using Flash? Now Is The Time To Update Your Website!

Safari, Apple's browser started blocking Flash in June 2016. An update of Firefox will block Flash sometime in 2017, and now Chrome has officially announced they will do it, too: they’re blocking flash by default in favor of HTML5.

Many photography websites use Flash for galleries, and it has been the de facto standard for online animation for years. Now, websites will need to replace that functionality with HTML5 equivalents. If it is not done, your website will not display or function properly where it uses Flash driven features. If you haven’t switched to HTML5 yet, now is the time!

All Web Browsers Will Soon Block Fla…