Find The Right Mobile Web Design for Your Budget!

The small business owner does not have an easy task when it comes to choosing a developer for budget responsive website design upgrades. There are a myriad of options, ranging from “free” mobile websites to high-priced bespoke website design. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you to make the best choice for your budget.

budget responsive website design

1. Budget Responsive Website Design Must Be Flexible

Budget responsive website design should include tools that make it possible for you to quickly and easily update content. Often called a “Content Management System,” this is an installed software on your website that allows quick and easy updates to your online content. There are very good low-cost and free tools available, such as WordPress, that make this an affordable option. This adds tremendous value to your website. It eliminates having to hire a web developer each time updates are needed. You can make all content updates easily “in-house.” Secondly, it encourages you to add fresh and relevant content of interest to potential online customers. That improves your search engine optimization, and increases the traffic from potential customers finding and choosing your website.

2. Budget Responsive Website Design Must Be Appealing

Budget mobile website design

Let’s be clear about this. Design matters. Your responsive website will be your storefront on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices used by consumers. It will make your first impression on many potential customers. It must look good! Here is where the experience of the web designer you choose comes into play. A creative web designer will offer budget-priced options that do not look like generic templates. Your website must have an appealing design if it is to attract potential customers. Generally, the cheapest options out there are usually template-driven websites with unappealing, generic design. By spending a bit more, you can find choices that are more tasteful, unique and attractive. You want a website that has design elements that are tailor-made for your business.


3. Full-Featured Budget Responsive Website Design.

Generally, rock-bottom priced responsive website design choices are stripped-down, keeping content and features to an absolute minimum. That is a big mistake. You want to be sure that the information offered to Mobile Web users on smartphones and tablets is as in-depth as that offered on full-sized websites seen on desktop computers. Smartphone users do not want dumbed-down websites. Give them all the information they need to make a buying decision. Here again, an experienced web designer will choose layout and navigation options that make the browsing experience clear and simple for all users while making in-depth content easy to find and read on smartphones and other portable devices.

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4. Don’t Put It Off Until Tomorrow!

The longer you wait to integrate responsive website design into you overall business marketing strategy, the more you miss out. Like a fast-growing mutant in a science-fiction movie, Mobile Web is becoming a monster marketing opportunity. According to a recent article in Forbes, you need to Prioritize Responsive Website Design Right Now. “With a responsive website, businesses can be in front of consumers at every step of their online journey. People who search for a business’ site, begin reading content and viewing videos from their desktop computers at work, and then look for the same business on their smartphones during lunch are able to continue their research into products and services uninterrupted.”

Do not give away a potential competitive advantage! By reaching out to new customers on their smartphones before your competitors, you gain a early advantage that will be impossible to attain at a later time. The earlier you start, the more you learn, adapt and refine your ability to profit from Mobile Web consumers.

I hope these easy-to-remember guidelines will help you to choose a budget-priced responsive web design wisely. Don Peterson, Mobile Website Designer, has created highly effective responsive website design for small businesses just like yours (the budget responsive website design samples shown on this page is by Don Peterson). Call Don for a free consultation and excellent budget responsive web design options that fit your business.

Budget Responsive Website Design