A Web Designer’s Photography

Much of my website design is driven by beautiful photography. Not surprisingly, my personal photography has become a source of ideas and inspiration for my web design. Here is a growing list of some of my favorite photos.

How To Improve Your Photography

The key to becoming a better photographer is to think less like a photographer, and more like a fine artist. The artistic components of fine art, such as light, color, texture, form and composition are a painters tools. ...

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Northern Pintail Duck

  One of my favorite subjects for photography are the sharply dressed Northern Pintail Ducks that spend the winter months in the fishing lagoons at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona. With their 'patent leather' ...

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Nikon D3400 Release

The entry-level Nikon D3400 Nikon has introduced the D3400, a new entry-level DSLR featuring SnapBridge technology. The SnapBridge app automatically transfers your pictures to your smartphone as they are taken, allowing ...

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My Duck Photography

Hi-Resolution Duck Photos Free for Download I love to photograph ducks. Some of my favorite duck photos were captured in the fishing lagoons of Papago Park, Phoenix, AZ. On early winter evenings, the warm sun gives the ...

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More Cherry Blossoms!

As the spring season awakens, the cherry blossoms emerge. Can you think of a more beautiful way to start the spring season? These beautiful blossoms were photographed in Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ, home to the annua ...

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