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Simple Invoicing for Freelancers

And, it's free! Here is a blissfully simple invoicing solution for freelancers that is free as well! Most freelance web designers just need a quick and simple template for invoicing clients and storing invoices. Billdog ...

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A New Source of Free Stock Photos

The quality of free stock photos offered by freelance photographers has never been better. Because of the Internet, we have access to interesting photos from a wide range of international photographers that can be used f ...

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Google to Penalize Interstitial Ads

You cannot avoid them! Interstitial ads make their presence felt on most websites that have something to market. Now, Google is seeing to it that they will soon be a thing of the past in Mobile Search. What is an in ...

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The Hidden Worlds of National Parks

The Internet has amazing potential for good as can be seen in an immersive website by Google that explores The Hidden Worlds of National Parks. This website allows us to explore and discover some of the fascinating featu ...

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A Step Back In Time… For SEO

Many of my newest clients from the past year or so know this website as webdesignportfolio.us. I moved to that newly acquired domain in June of 2015 because it represented a more accurate description of what my business ...

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Web Design News – September 2016

As web designers, our focus has shifted from tracking the latest variants of desktop computers to the newest feature sets in smartphones. For early September, we await the introduction of the new iPhone 7 from Apple. The ...

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The Age of Unjustifiable Consumerism

What is unjustifiable consumerism? It is a form of conspicuous consumption that defies logic and common sense. It goes beyond filling a need or desire and exists purely as evidence of the power of advertising to convince ...

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