Good People & A Good Cause!

Sometimes the web design clients I work for are every bit as interesting as the web design that results from our collaboration. That is true of this charity & fundraising web design project. I enjoyed creating a web design for this dynamic and energetic company (nice folks, too) out of Canada that has successfully moved into international markets. This client is a team of experts in charity fundraising lottery management. This is a well-established way of raising funds for high-profile not-for-profits in Canada. Winning Charities is well positioned to serve emerging markets in the United States in this unique business model as well.

Charity - Fundraising - Web Design

I worked in close collaboration with this client to create a web design that conveyed the highly personable and professional qualities of this company. The resultant web design attracts both the eye and heart. From the home page to every page of the website, you sense the passion, warmth and skill they bring to their business. The end result? You come away from the website with the sense that you have just had a conversation with some very nice folks that you want to work with!

This website has been in my portfolio since 2009. The client has not seen a need to update it to be mobile compatible yet. As a business-to-business website, it does not need to focus on consumer smartphone compatibility.

Charity Web Design #2

Charity & Fundraising Web Desig…