cherry blossoms of spring

One of my favorite sights come early April each year are the cherry blossoms of spring. Their delicate and resplendent colors and shapes are a delight I never tire of. These photos were captured at Branch Brook Park in Essex County, New Jersey (USA) home to more than 5000 resplendent cherry blossom trees. The Annual Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival pays homage to this delightful display and is one of the most beautiful natural displays in the New York metropolitan area.

Pink Cherry Blossoms, Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ

The photo below shows Branch Brook Park during one of its quieter moments on a slightly misty weekday afternoon. The park is quiet and the light is soft. This photo was captured along the old Morris Canal in the Essex County side of the park. -Don Peterson

Cherry Blossoms on a Misty Afternoon

The Cherry Blossoms of Spring