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Chicago, the third most populous city in the United States, hosts a metropolitan area that has the fourth-largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. Typically, Chicago consumers start their shopping armed with three key items: a wallet, a shopping list, and a smartphone! Nowadays, even the traditional shopping list is most likely a series of bookmarks stored on a Web-enabled smartphone or tablet. You need market savvy Chicago website design to meet their needs!

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Two-thirds of smartphone owners shop from their mobile devices, according to a report released Wednesday from Chicago-based digital research firm ComScore Inc. "Our smartphone is becoming our primary computer. Before that it was our laptop, before that it was our desktop, and before that it was the mainframe. This big shift is happening and retailers need to wake up to it. It isn't a fad." -Daniel Burrus, CEO of Milwaukee-based Burrus Research

Personally, whenever I'm in Chicago, I do a smartphone search to locate the best deep dish pizza in my vicinity. That alone is reason to love Chicago!

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More than 50% of all Web browsing is now done on smartphones. This offers a opportunity and a challenge for smart Chicago retailers. Are you positioned to take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior, or, will you be left behind?

Why Your Present Website Is not Smartphone Ready

Like most Chicago businesses, you probably have a website. And, like the vast majority of traditional websites that have been designed since the Internet began, it works perfectly fine on a traditional desktop or laptop computer with a mouse or other standard navigation device. Here is the problem: That same website will not fit on the much smaller screens that are typical of iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and other portable Mobile Web enabled devices. Also, the images and videos you offer will not scale down properly to fit the smaller screen. Everything becomes more difficult to read and view. In addition, your webpage menus work fine with a mouse, but are impossible to use with a "fat" finger on a touch screen smartphone. The typical Chicago consumer will simply become frustrated by the process, and will move on to a competitors website that is, hopefully, smartphone compatible.

How Our Chicago Website Design For Smartphones Can Help

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We help Chicago based businesses to attract more business from smartphone equipped consumers. Here's how: By using "Responsive" website development technology, we redesign your website to insure that it instantly adapts to whatever device is used to view it. Whether a potential customer is using an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Droid Razr, or any other portable device, your website will look perfect on their screen. All website content is instantly rescaled and adapted 'on-the-fly" so that is remains highly legible and navigable on everything from smartphones to desktop computers. A Responsive website is one website that instantly adapts to all Web-enabled devices and computers. This is a much better option than having a separate mobile-only website. Google considers a single Responsive business website to be the best practice to assure quality Search Engine Optimization.

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A Cost-Effective Solution for Attracting Smartphone Equipped Consumers

Like most Chicago based businesses, you don't want to waste money. Be assured that our web design services are small-business friendly, and value-packed. We stick to proven technologies, and use well-chosen low-cost solutions that produce maximum results. We can give you a Fortune 500 presence online for your modest budget! Call Don Peterson, Website Design Specialist for Smartphones and Mobile Web . We are happy to provide a free consultation to answer your questions and discuss your needs.

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