All of our web design projects should taste this good!

toffee web design

When the client sent the initial materials needed to begin this web design, they included delicious samples of their chocolate toffee candy. That was all the inspiration we needed to create this website! Shaymee's Aussie Toffee creates delicious premium toffee and other tasty snacks based on old family recipes brought from "the land down under," Australia. We had the privilege of creating a web design that captures the Aussie spirit of their delicious products.

Chocolate Toffee Web Design

We worked in close collaboration with the logo and packaging designer to insure a consistent "look and feel" in all marketing materials. Most importantly, we collaborated with owner of Shaymee's to insure that his vision for the product is clearly evident in the design. The end result is a tasty design for an even tastier product!

This is a classic web design from our archives. As such, it is not mobile friendly. However, it may serve as a source of web design inspiration. More recently, I designed an e-commerce enabled chocolate confectioner website that you may enjoy reviewing as well:

web design portfolio - chocolate #2

See my web design portfolio for more samples of client work.

Sweet Chocolate Website Design