Website Design for a Chocolate Confectioner

Chocolate website design! Does it get any better than this! This e-commerce web design for a premium chocolate confectionery is one of my favorite projects to date. Is it hard to see why?

chocolate website design - photo 1

This was one of the tastiest web design projects ever! Of course, I insisted on receiving a box of exquisite, hand-made chocolate truffles from my client in order to 'ahem' do the necessary research and due diligence. I thoroughly consumed each truffle to better understand my client's business... I love my job!

Chocolate Web Design - Sample 1

Created for a exclusive line of premium chocolate truffles, this chocolate confectioner website design captures the sense of old-world quality that this product embodies. Sensual Chocolatiers introduced their line of handmade chocolate truffles to the United States, and needed an e-commerce website that would faithfully convey the luxury and character of their product.

Chocolate Web Design - Sample 2

The light, timeless and elegant design we developed provides a fitting setting for this wonderful product. We also custom designed the shopping pages so that this timeless and tasty style is conveyed through the entire website.By the way, their chocolate truffles are fabulous!

Chocolate Website Design That Motivates Sales!

Chocolate Web Design - Sample 3

What makes this web design so appealing is the way it touches the hearts and taste-buds of potential customers. The color palette shows our client's chocolate truffles at their best. The design is simple, inviting, and makes a strong, emotional appeal. You want to sample this product from the moment you visit the home page!

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Does your business sell premium chocolates, or other fine products? Let us create a web design that creates an irresistible, mouth-watering impression for your customers! More samples of our work can be seen in our mobile-friendly web design portfolio. See this project in my Behance portfolio.

One Tasty Chocolate Website Design!…