I have found Polish graphic design to be a wonderful source of web design inspiration. The Polish school of film poster design has been a particular source of fascination. During the 1940's-1960's, considered the golden age of Polish film poster design, all movies were distributed by Film Polski, a distribution monopoly run by the government. Three graphic designers, Henryk Tomaszewski, Tadeusz Trepkowski and Eryk Lipinski were commissioned to design original graphic posters for all movies released in Poland. Rather than follow the American film poster focus on movie stars, they pioneered a a more conceptual approach that focused on the essence of the film's story. New designers were quickly attracted to the field and have left behind an impressive body of work.

Polish Film Posters - 1950-1960

Classic Polish Movie Posters

These film posters masterfully convey the emotional content of the films they represent with an economy of color and line. With few words and clutter-free layouts, they advertise powerful themes with simplicity. The bold swatches of color and line add to the dramatic essay in these posters. I also admire the handmade feel of these works. Instead of Hollywood's emphasis on celebrity in movie marketing, there is an emphasis on concept and emotion.

Polish Film Posters - Design inspiration

The qualities inherent in these posters translate well to web design. Much can be learned from them. The ability to convey emotion thru color. How to keep a sense of humanity in our work despite the use of computerized tools. These classic film posters are worth a careful look by any web designer seeking creative inspiration. If you would like to see more of these wonderful classic Polish film posters, they can be viewed at cinemaposter.com

Polish Movie Posters 1950

Classic Polish Film Poster Design