Touch Emotions With Appealing Web Design Color

Like the keys on a piano keyboard, color offer a wide range of tones that can touch the heart in the hands of a good visual 'musician.' How we use color has more to do with its emotional impact on the viewer than any values traditionally assigned to any one color. Just as a good pianist draws emotions from the full spectrum of notes a piano keyboard offers, so a good web designer draws on a full color vocabulary to engage the emotions with web design color.

Color in Emotional Web Design

Here are two examples of content page web design that shows how the interplay of color adds a vital and appropriate emotional component to this physical therapy website. The colors are restful, assuring, and borrow from nature. It conveys a sense of healing and caring. It is not so much the individual colors chosen that give these pages their emotional appeal, but, rather, their interplay and coordination. Colors, like good music, must be well-composed to engage the viewer!

color in emotional web design #2

Color is one of the tools I use for developing emotional website design for business-to-consumer clients. Do you want to engage the emotions of potential customers online? I can help. Contact Don Peterson .

Color in Emotional Website Design