Why Real Estate Websites Need SEO.

Real Estate websites are in a highly competitive online arena. They may share common property listings using Multiple Listing Services (MLS) with a number of other real estate pros in their market. Strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to stand above the crowd. The higher your real estate website ranks for relevant keywords in search engines, the more likely you are to be contacted by a potential home-buyer. It's that simple. For this reason, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial component in real estate website development and strategy. When done properly, real estate website SEO can yield profitable results for the savvy realtor, agent or broker.

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While good SEO strategies are needed by all real estate websites, it becomes more critical in the larger urban centers where your competition is broader, and better versed in SEO themselves. In smaller markets, you will often see faster, more dramatic results from even modest SEO strategies. The fact is, good SEO is essential to the growth of any real estate business. The Internet is the research tool of first choice for modern home-buyers. Ignoring its potential can result in lost sales and profits. I have helped real estate professionals in a wide range of national markets to stand out with a combination of content and linking strategies that, when consistently applied, yield excellent results.

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Real Estate SEO Must Include Mobile and Social Media

As of mid-2015, more than half of all online search worldwide is done on smartphones alone. The smartphone is the one device that home buyers will use more than any other for online buying research. Your real estate website must be optimized to reach consumers on Mobile devices. Do you know how to market your services using Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest? More than 60% of all Social Media engagement occurs on smartphones.

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Three Keys To Effective Real Estate Website SEO

Creating a high ranking real estate website demands three essentials: education, consistent effort, and cooperation. A patient who wants to improve his health views himself as a partner in that effort with his doctor. He asks questions and is willing to learn. He becomes a well-informed patient who adapts well to the strategies offered by his doctor, sticking with them to attain better health.

Effective, long-term Search Engine Optimization strategies work in much the same way. By mutual cooperation with my real estate clients, the best results are achieved. My clients know their customers, their markets, and their business. I know online SEO strategies that work best when combined with client “know-how.” I do not promise unrealistic results. SEO requires consistent effort over a number of months for the best results in all cases. These are not hocus-pocus “black-hat” SEO tricks. Sooner or later, that will cause your website to be penalized by Google. Rather, I take proven strategies recommended by search engines and help my clients to become very good at them. This is a safe approach to SEO that yields more effective long-term results.

Do you want more results from your real estate website? Contact Mobile Web Design Consultant Don Peterson or by email. I designed the real estate websites featured on this page. I can help you achieve the best results for your online marketing efforts.


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