Construction Services Web Design

This freelance web design project serves a contractor who provides construction services for the government and private sector. Our design had to reflect the professionalism and experience of my client and provide extensive documentation needed by both government and private business management. We were also asked to provide a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)that allows the client's staff to easily update and add content.

Web Design for Contractor

We created a strong presence through the web design that conveys from a glance, the type of projects the client is well known for. The simply designed content pages and navigation make the site easily navigable and easy-to-read. The photos feature actual employees of the company in workday environments.

Contractor Website Design

The end result is a clear, simple, fast loading, and well-organized presentation of our client's strengths. It is also a fast-growing website, easily meeting the needs of the client by providing up-to-the-minute content!

Construction Website Design