No Time To Create Content for Your Website?

The main issue that many small business owners have about content marketing is time. I can almost hear my clients groan inwardly when I recommend writing content to boost their Search Engine Optimization and online customer engagement.  With all that they have on their plate, business owners wonder when they will ever have the time to create content for a website. It takes time to write good content, edit it, and make it ready for a business website or blog.

Create website content fast

Well, suppose there was a way to greatly reduce the time it takes to create great content? What if it cut the time needed to write content by nearly 80%? Would you consider it?

A Content Marketing Timesaver!

There is a way! Thanks to cloud based technology, you can speak into your web browser, and see it convert to text in real time. The tool that makes it possible is Transcribe. It literally can save you hundreds of hours each year by instantly converting your speech to text. Speak into your browser, and you will see your speech converting to text in real time on the screen. Copy your text into WordPress and you can start editing it immediately for your blog. it is a very efficient way of generating great content while saving time.

Of course, you need to take the extra step of editing the content, running a spell check and polishing it for your website of blog. However, because your ideas are instantly put in writing, you have removed one of the most time-consuming chores in content-creation (especially if you're not the fastest typist in the world). In fact, this article was written using Transcribe. The article was written and edited in under 15 minutes. Overall, it would require 45 minutes or more to write an article of this size.

Trabscribe a tool for saving time writing website content

I highly recommend Transcribe. It is created exclusively for the Chrome browser, and can work offline (you don't need a live Web connection to use it). Its speech recognition tools are very accurate. It works with the built-in microphone on your computer, tablet or smartphone. I started using the software without reading any instructions and quickly produced the raw copy for this article. There is probably a way to create periods and new paragraphs with spoken commands. I'll take the time to find that out on during my next writing session. For now, I am stoked about the amount of time this tool can save. Something else I love about Transcribe is the price. Only $20 per year for unlimited use. Cool! If you need to write lots of content this will easily pay for itself many times over in the hours it will save. Highly recommended!

Create Website Content Fast!