If it's cute, it's emotional web design.

We are emotional creatures. We love things that are cute. Charming images and visuals tug at our heart strings. Cuteness is also a powerful web design strategy for motivating potential customers visiting your website. Here's one example of the power of cute web design:

web design with a heart

This home page shown below is from a New York City Real Estate website we recently designed. The main home page visual focuses not on any specific property, but rather on an adorable puppy enjoying his owner's home in a New York City apartment. Why did we choose this cute puppy for a popular real estate website?

Cuteness Sells In Web Design

Here's why: New Yorkers love their pets. Recent estimates put the dog population of Manhattan at around 280,000, so finding a pet-friendly apartment is a high priority for many New Yorkers.  Most New York City dog owners choose to live within walking distance of one of the great New York City parks, such as Central Park, Riverside Park, Carl Shurz Park, Inwood Park, Prospect Park, and Pelham Bay Park.  Even smaller New York City parks are often equipped with dog runs these days to accommodate pet-owning neighbors.

Now, let's get back to that cute puppy on the home page of our New York City real estate website. It makes an instant emotional connection with New Yorkers who love their pets and are searching for a new home. Cute web design connects with customers.

Cuteness Can Give Your Website Personality

Here is another web design project (shown below) I developed for a New York City-based freelance copywriter.The challenge was finding an iconic home page image that matched the personality of my client. She collects vintage typewriters. Now, there are loads of images of old typewriters online. For the most part, they look antique or archaic, hardly reflecting the personality of my client. For more than a month I would spend time nearly every day looking at images of typewriters online to find the perfect image.

cute website design - sample 3

I discovered the photo shown above on Flickr, a popular web site for amateur photographers. It was shot by an art student in Brooklyn with an old film camera. It has the required typewriter, and, most importantly loads of personality and cuteness. I contacted the photographer and purchased the right to use the image on this website and other marketing materials for my client. It was the perfect solution! It turned what could have been a generic looking website into one with a unique and appealing personality. It breathed life into the web design and made my client's website compelling and unforgettable. It's been great for my client's business.

Too Cute to Resist!

Bake Shop Website Design - Diabetic pastry Chef

This web design was created for a client that is a popular author and chef specializing diabetic baking. The colors and graphics pull the eye into the website. Its cuteness cannot be ignored! This appealing web design makes a strong emotional connection to website viewers, prompting them to become fans and customers.

Cuteness is a powerful component of business-to-consumer marketing. Just ask Pinterest, a social media powerhouse built on a growing collection of cute images. The emotional connection made by cute web design can be a powerful marketing advantage for your website. Let me help you to attract more customers with cute web design! -Don Peterson

Use Cute Web Design to Stand Out!