As a web designer, it would normally be my knee-jerk reaction to say yes! However, it is not something to be taken lightly. In the span of nearly two decades, my freelance web design portfolio has undergone only three major redesigns. Since my portfolio is my business, these were not snap decisions and were made for sound reasons. You should also have sound reasons for a website redesign. Here are three top reasons for considering a redesign.

3 compelling reasons to redesign your website:

Should I Redesign My Website?

1. My website is not Mobile Friendly

This is the 'elephant in the room!' This is the most obvious and pressing reason to redesign your website. Why? Because consumers have chosen to use smartphones as their prime device for browsing the Web. In 2015, Google stated that more than half of all online search is done on smartphones. That trend is accelerating. Does your business need to reach consumers online? Then you need a Mobile compatible website.

I redesigned my freelance web design portfolio to be Mobile friendly in late March of 2015. Since then, I've seen the traffic from mobile devices rise from less than 30% to over 50% of all the visitors to my website. I loved the old design of my website. However, my redesigned mobile compatible website is faster loading, and more efficient to maintain (you need speed on smartphones). Also, it is much more likely to be viewed and recommended in Social Media, where smartphones dominate. Mobile devices account for 76% of all time spent on social media in the U.S., with both Canada and the U.K showing 70%.

As I stated earlier, this is the 'elephant in the room,' the one reason that trumps all for redesigning your website. If you are not Mobile friendly, you really don't need to read the rest of this article. You know what to do.

redesign my website

2. My website does not use a Content Management System

A what? A Content Management System (CMS) is an online software that allows you to publish, edit and organize your website content (without affecting the design of your website). Typically, they are easy to use. You are able to manage all of your website content with minimal technical expertise. In fact, if you have ever used a basic word processing software, then you will feel right at home with a CMS. Generally, a CMS is installed as a part of your website, and can be password accessed from any computer with Internet access.

How can this benefit your business? In a number of ways. In today's economy, a good website is kept up-to-date with timely and fresh information for customers and potential customers. In times past, websites were largely static online brochures. You designed it once and left it as is. That won't attract customers today. They expect your website to have current and ongoing information about your business. What's on sale this week? What coupons are you offering now? Show me some of this season's new products!

You can do that easily with a CMS. The most popular one is WordPress. Many small businesses use the WordPress CMS to maintain a blog, photo gallery, Social Media updates, and other forms of fresh content that consumers want. Also, Google rewards websites that deliver fresh content on a timely basis with higher search engine rankings. This is a compelling reason to redesign your website.

3. Customers Have Lost Interest In Your Website

This can happen for a number of reasons. First, if you are not Mobile compatible, you will lose traffic to competitor websites that are. Secondly, your website may no longer be relevant to consumers. For example, are you using Social Media tools to make it easy for visitors to share your content with others? E-mail subscription tools and other online marketing tools have undergone a vast improvement in the past two years alone. Is your website using outdated methods of customer engagement?

These issues highlight the need for a website redesign. Potential customers want to know more about your business before they set foot in your door. They pull out a smartphone before shopping and while shopping to get the information they want. Does your website deliver? Can you afford to disappoint them?

If you have additional questions about your website, feel free to call Don Peterson . Or, use my contact form. I will be delighted to discuss your needs with no obligation.

Should I Redesign My Website?