Whether you are breeding "best-in-show" dogs or a litter of puppies that will delight any family, your business is well served by my website design. I can help you to find canine-lovers online with an appealing and flexible website. Here is a recent example of my work.

Dog Breeders & Kennels Website Design

This website was designed for a professional dog breeder that specializes in Show Line and Working Line German Shepherd dogs. The home page features appealing images that will capture the hearts of families seeking this breed of dogs. Whether you run a kennel or breed show dogs this website is sure to touch the hearts of pet lovers with its appealing photography and eye-catching design.

The Online Tools All Kennels and Dog Breeders Need

In addition to appealing design, this website offers more. Many kennels want to feature an up-to-date gallery showing the currently available male and female dogs and litters of puppies. This website features an easy-to-maintain photo gallery that categorizes your available dogs. You also have the option of categorizing dogs by breed. The American Kennel Club list the top five most popular dog breeds as Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs, and Beagles. You can feature each of these breeds (and more) with their own gallery in this website design.

Dog Breeder Website Design - #2

An additional feature of this website that every dog breeder will appreciate are the Social Media tools. These single click buttons allow you and website visitors to like, Tweet, and pin photos and posts from your website to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular Social Media platforms. This will attract more dog-lovers to your website, and that means more potential customers for your kennel or breeder website.

Reach More Pet-Lovers With Mobile Website Design

More than half of all consumers use smartphones to do research for purchasing decisions. This is true of families looking for a new pet as well. This website design puts your business on their smartphones and iPhones with Mobile friendly "responsive" website design. A responsive website makes your website adaptable to any smartphone or iPhone used by potential customers. Also, the same website will work on all laptop and desktop computers as well. I ensure that your dog breeder or kennel website looks appealing and user-friendly no matter what device is used to view it.

Kennel Website Design

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