In Web Design, Simple Is Best!

One or two things done well is better than many things done poorly. In web design, some designers have the tendency to add every new graphic trick and device to a web page design simply because they can. However, this leads to web design that is cluttered, slow loading and ultimately a poor communication tool for the business it must support. Clear, simple layouts are easier to use. When, in doubt, keep it simple!

Simple web design - don't overdo

Here are some of the more common web design techniques that are often overused:

♣ Too many colors.
♣ Too many graphic images.
♣ Too many fonts or typefaces
♣ Needless use of animation and sound
♣ Distracting background images and colors
♣ Overuse of beveling, shadowing, and other text treatments.

simple web design is best - 2

Consider the design tricks at your disposal like seasoning in food. Usually, just a pinch of seasoning is needed to impart just the right flavor to a recipe. Use too much, and it overpowers and ruins the meal. Apply that reasoning to your web design. Just a touch of this or that design technique is needed to give the web page design a sense of style that is always tasteful and appreciated by the viewer. Simplicity is always appreciated by viewers. 

Don’t Overdo Web Design