Modern e-commerce web design must be Mobile friendly!

To meet real world needs of online customers often requires using standardized e-commerce software solutions that forgo creative web design in favor of responsive (instantly adaptable to any screen from smartphone to desktop computer) cross-platform/cross-device compatibility. Getting modern responsive e-commerce web design to work just as well on a smartphone as it does on a full-sized laptop requires design compromises. However, with a bit of creativity, a web designer can create features that provide a pleasing visual experience on all devices used to view the website. Here is one example:

E-Commerce website design

We recently customized this e-commerce interface for one of our clients. The design is fully responsive, and can be used for e-commerce purchasing on Mobile devices. The key to our design is using design elements that resize gracefully to fit any device while maintaining legibility and ease of use.

E-Commerce Website Design - Sample 2

The changes we made to this web design provides subtle visual refinements and key promotional elements that look good on any device. Our refinements only require minor edits to the CSS stylesheet, ensuring that none of the functional elements of this e-commerce software are compromised.  Do you want to freshen the look of your e-commerce website, and enhance its marketing appeal? Contact Don Peterson for a no-obligation discussion of your web design requirements.

E-Commerce Website Design