What role does emotion play in attracting customers?

Can emotional website design help you to attract more customers? Every web design generates an emotional response in the viewer, ranging from boredom to excitement. Your website should move viewers to form an emotional bond with your product or service. Generating the appropriate or desired emotional response in the viewer is the key objective of emotional web design.

emotional web design

Sadly, emotion is often overlooked by web designers, who tend focus on visual tricks driven by an infatuation with technology. The current buzz-phrase is ‘Web Design 2.0,’ a series of trendy design elements that give all websites adopting them a similar look. It has a distinct set of design tricks and visual cues. You may recognize current design fads like “flat” design and “Parallax” websites. These fads often make websites of all sorts look and feel quite similar. It's all very trendy, cute, and overdone.

Customers Feelings Are What Matter

The focus of emotional web design is not technology. Rather, it looks to engage real human feelings. It evokes memories, pleasant feelings, and positive thoughts. It creates a yearning. Feelings motivate. Emotional web design convinces potential customers to act on what they see.

How to Create Emotional Website Design

emotional website design - sample 2

How do I want potential customers to feel about my website and its products or services? That question should be the driving force behind web design created for your business. Forget the design fads, the popular colors of the day, etc. Focus on the emotional connection made to your audience. The web design should convey the right emotional cues for your product, service, and audience.

To get a sense of what emotions are most appropriate for each website, I ask every web design client two questions.

What positive emotions do you want people to feel when they come to your website?
What emotions or feelings should your website avoid?

These questions trigger a thoughtful discussion of the emotional values that must be expressed in each web design project.

Emotional website design - sample 4

I created the website design featured on this page for a client specializing in travel planning. He provides the sort of destination planning demanded by discerning customers. How will they feel when visiting his website? This web page design speaks of the lure of travel. It communicates to the heart. The colors evoke a sense of wanderlust in the viewer. The design is tasteful, never shouting or garish. Yet, it has subtle details that touch the heart, creating a yearning in the viewer. Those quiet details affect feelings and evoke the emotional response our client seeks. Here are some examples of emotional web design in action:

emotional website design - sample 4

Emotional web design is never indifferent or perfunctory. It touches the heart and forms an emotional bond. That emotional reaction is often the prime factor motivating a potential customer to choose your business. I have built a web design consultancy for more than ten years by helping businesses like yours form emotional connections with their customers. Hopefully, you find inspiration for your next project in the work shown in my freelance web design portfolio.

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