Colors from Nature adds emotion to websites.

Typically, we learn about complimentary and contrasting colors and the theory of the color wheel at some point in our formal education. However, a true artist, making a short tour of a botanical garden, realizes that these “laws of color” are broken in nature all the time, with very pleasing results. The vivid color displays found in nature have a powerful effect on our feelings. The ability to borrow from the inspiring use of color in nature can add a motivating emotional component to our web design.

Emotions & Website Color

Indeed, those who are observant will find some of the most fascinating applications of unique color palettes in landscapes, and flora and fauna of all types. Our Creator is the Master of Design and is certainly not limited by the artificial rules of color created by man. If you want to expand your knowledge of color, study its use in nature! The emotion conveyed by walking through a colorful botanic garden or breathtaking landscape can add warmth and impact to your website design.

use color to convey emotion in web design

How Creative Color Use Benefits Your Website Design

In the two-dimensional world of web design, it is very easy for web pages to take on a sterile, mechanical feel. However, because web design is a communication medium, it has the potential to appeal to both the intellect and the emotions of the viewer. When you create websites for consumers, it is not enough to inform the intellect. Your website must create an emotional bond or response with the potential customer. The designer's ability to convey emotion with website colors can enhance the salesmanship of your website.

use colors from nature in web design

In this web design for a physical therapy center in Illinois, we wanted the colors to have an emotional component. We borrowed our website color palette from photos of water lilies photographed at a local botanic garden. The overall use of color here conveys a sense of refreshment and renewal that bolsters our clients business mission and philosophy. It creates a feeling that is less clinical, and more humane. An emotional connection is made with a potential client or customer.

use natural colors in website design

Color communicates emotion. It can be a persuasive communicator when skillfully matched thoughtful copywriting and effective web design. At, Don Peterson uses color creatively to create mobile-friendly websites with maximum consumer appeal. Browse my portfolio for web design inspiration and examples of effective use of color. You may also enjoy reading the article Use Less Color For Better Web Design. Call Don for a no-obligation discussion of your web design needs.

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