Web Design That Touches Emotions.

Is it possible for e-commerce or business web design to be emotionally engaging? Can you promote your goods and services in a way that feeds both the intellect and the soul? The truth is that emotion plays a critical role in the decision-making process. One of the fastest ways to engage the emotions of your website visitor is by the use of images.

Engage the eya and touch the heart - web design that touches emotions

Here is an example of web design that employs emotion to inform and entice the reader. This website home page evokes a timeless and romantic sense of style that epitomizes the design skills of my client. The soft colors, the retro feel, and the romantic elegance all speak to the heart.

Do more than inform a potential customer. Tap into the emotional yearnings that motivate the buying process.

To keep this web design within a budget set by our client, I used WordPress, an excellent open source Content Management System as the basis for this website. I used a responsive (smartphone compatible) theme and carefully selected images coordinated with a thoughtfully chosen color palette to create the mood for this website. The end result truly engages the eye in a way that reaches the heart.

emotional website design

In the hands of a skillful web designer, emotion can be driven through the use of color and images. In the website shown above, the intent is to appeal to the fashion-conscious aesthetics of the spa customer. Without showing the spa, the home page of this website makes a wider emotional appeal. It addresses the aesthetic and cosmetic concerns of the spa customer. And, it does so with a splash of style. By doing so, it steps away from the stereotypical look of a spa website, with a unique and memorable presentation.

emotional web design - real estate

This approach works very well in other business sectors as well. For example, take note of the real estate website design shown below. It does not have the typical property listings and generic smiling real estate agent prominently displayed. Why not? Because its intent is to tap into the lifestyle yearnings of the home-buyer. It makes an emotional connection with the home-buyer by focusing on the emotional values that drive the home buying process.

Are you a small business owner? I can provide a web design within your budget that is informative while touching the heart of your potential clients or customers. Contact Don Peterson for a free consultation.

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