Websites for Fitness Centers, Spas, Gyms and Personal Trainers

The fitness business covers a wide range of specialists. My fitness center website design can serve them all! Whether you run a strength-training gym, fitness center, aerobics classes, Pilates, yoga center or offer personal training services, I have the website for you!

Fitness Websites for Health Clubs and Gyms

My fitness website design focuses on a fundamental need that stirs the emotions of potential members. They want to look good and feel good. When marketing to potential club and gym members, it is vital that your fitness website mirrors their aspirations in an appealing way.

My Fitness Center Websites Are the Perfect Fit!

It goes without saying that in the fitness business, looks are everything. That applies to your website design as well. Does your fitness website invite potential clients or intimidate them? Does it appeal to the market you want to serve? Do you want to appeal to the aspiring bodybuilder or to the working professional looking for better physical conditioning? Do you offer services that women will find appealing? Do you have special classes for seniors that you want to feature?

Fitness Center Websites

Choosing the right images to reflect the mission of your fitness business is vital. The images should be appealing and also reflect the aspirations and goals of the clients you serve. Finding the right fitness images is critical to the success of your website and the message it conveys to your clients. A good fitness web design reflects the aspirations of the people you want to attract. I help you to create a website that speaks clearly to your fitness market.

The Essential Tools Your Fitness Business Needs

Along with great design, your fitness website needs to contain the essential tools that help clients using your facilities. Perhaps a brief bio for each personal trainers along with a photo will help clients to become familiar with your staff. You may want to feature a monthly schedule of fitness classes and events.

You may also find that offering a blog with exercise, health and fitness tips is a great way to attract new clients. This serves to valuable purposes. First of all, it offers useful, valuable information that informs your website visitors. Secondly, it shows your website visitors (potential customers) that you have a depth of passion and expertise that you willingly share. Your business is positioned as a valued online fitness resource. This makes it more likely that your website visitors will become customers.

Are you a personal trainer? A blog is a great way to promote your expertise online. By sharing what you know about training and nutrition, you instill confidence in potential clients. That will motivate them to take the next step: Picking you the phone or emailing you for further contact.

Fitness Website Design

Mobile Friendly Fitness Websites

Having a fitness center website that is mobile compatible is essential. Why? More than 50% of the people who visit your website will be using smartphones. This is true of any fitness center, aerobics studio, yoga center or personal trainer website. In every case, the single device that will most often be used to access your website will be a smartphone. How will your website look on a smartphone?

All fitness website I design are by default smartphone (Mobile) compatible. More importantly, they look great on smartphones! The visual appeal of your fitness services is not lost on the small screen.

Mobile Fitness Websites

Social Media and Your Fitness Business

Social Media provides a great way to market your fitness business and website. I install specialized Social Media tools that ensure that all of your content is promoted in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other important online services. Also, I will link your Facebook page to your website (or create a Facebook page for you). I can ensure that every Social Media service your health & fitness business uses supports your brand and business mission.

The Quality of My Fitness Websites

I provide high-quality website design for the following:

Gymnasiums, Fitness Centers & Health Clubs
Health Spas & Day Spas
Personal Trainers
Pilates, Aerobics & Yoga Centers

It's quite easy to find generic fitness website themes and templates online. However, most are poorly designed and do not show your business in the best light. Besides, you should focus on what you do best, building great bodies! Let me create the perfect website to showcase your services. I provide custom web design, not a generic template. Contact me for more information Your fitness business will look great online! - Don Peterson

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