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This is a flower photography website design I created more than a decade ago, inspired by the joy of spending spring and summer afternoons photographing flowers and blooms at the Rio Grande Botanic Garden in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In a departure from my normal freelance web design projects this website was created as a personal project.

Flowers Web Design #1

The Botanic Garden was one of my favorite haunts, and I loved to photograph close-ups of whatever flowers were in bloom.

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In every city that I find myself in, I make it a point to visit the local botanic garden. In fact, during the spring and summer, I try to visit my local botanic garden at least once a week for some relaxing flower photography. For good reason! Not only is it a way to relax, I also derive much of my color ideas and inspiration from studying flora. Our Creator is an extraordinary designer. Rather than relying on a contrived color wheel, the color palette of nature can offer far more adventurous and creative options! You will most likely sense that from my use of color throughout my portfolio.

These photos were captured on film. In fact, I used Kodak Ultracolor 100 and 400 in a variety of 35mm SLR cameras. This was an extraordinary negative film that had the intense colors of Fuji Velvia and the dynamic range of Kodak Gold 100 (for all of you 35mm film buffs). Kodak removed it from the market in less than two years after its introduction as the company declined and eventually went out of business. I really miss that film! I would still be shooting with it today if it was available.

After an afternoon spent photographing flowers, I would make a quick trek to the local Walmart to have the negatives processed, and then scan the individual negatives using a Nikon Coolscan V ( a wonderful piece of equipment, regretted selling mine). I still derive much pleasure from flower photos I captured at that time. I created this website as a way to showcase and promote the virtues of this wonderful Botanic Garden and its floral delights.

-Don Peterson, Mobile Website Design

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Flowers Website Design