How to have a great looking food website

"You eat first with your eyes." I don't know who made that quote, but it is spot on! Our eyes have a direct connection to our stomach and appetite. Therefore, great food websites are great looking websites! Food presentation and photography play a big role in the appeal of your food website.

bakery website design #6

Photography is Everything

Here is one area where we simply cannot afford to skimp or take shortcuts. Making a good impression online requires the best food photography possible. The texture and color of the food need to be accurate and sharp. The lighting must compliment the food and appear natural. The framing and composition should highlight the food in the best possible color and setting. It only makes good sense to use the visual attributes of the Web to the full to market your food or restaurant.

food website design that inspires

Here is a website created for a chocolate confectioner that makes a mouth-watering presentation. On the home page, the color palette supports and compliments the product. The eye is instantly drawn to the appetizing chocolate truffles on display. The simple uncluttered layout ensures that the confectionery products sold by my client take center stage.

Chocolate Website Design

Chocolate Website Design - Page 2

The compelling food photography and website design are continued on the content pages. The confectionery products are the star attraction on each page of the website, tempting the appetites of chocolate lovers.
food website design - bakery

The bakery & restaurant website design shown above also uses appealing photography to showcase the delicious baked goods. However, we wanted to keep in mind the smartphone based consumer with this website. Your potential customers now use smartphones more than 50% of the time to research local purchases. Therefore, they are more likely to see your website on a smartphone first. Will you make an appetizing impression on a smartphone screen? This website does! The appealing colors and appetizing baked goods make a great presentation on all mobile devices. By the way, you may also enjoy my food truck website design!

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Food Website Design That Inspires!