I am Don Peterson, a Web Developer in New York City, NY

I started as a NYC Freelance Web Designer over twenty years ago with the vision of merging HTML coding with a higher level of style, emotion and craftsmanship. In essence, a couture approach to freelance web design. My websites do not feel machine-driven or overly technical. Rather, they have tactile and emotional qualities that appeal to real people, like your customers!

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As a front end developer, I use HTML and CSS coding to design websites, banner advertisements, email campaigns and other strategies that meet your online marketing needs. I work with Adobe Creative Suite programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom to create online marketing campaigns. I specialize in website redesign that includes updating branding and adding mobile web features.

Freelance Web Designer - New York City - Don Peterson

My freelance web design services include creating graphics and branding for your social media presence and designing themes for blogs that use WordPress content management systems (CMS). With creativity and skill honed by over twenty years of freelancing experience, I help your business to find profitable growth online. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies including Priceline, Marriot International, and Roche Pharmaceuticals and with hundreds of small located throughout the Unites States.

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I work by the principle that emotion forges the strongest bonds between the consumer and the product. Appealing to and motivating consumers is not a mere technical exercise. The same qualities that we find unforgettable in day-to-day interactions with real people must also be seen on our websites.

Freelance Website Design

I create small-business web design that employs powerful emotional cues to promote your small business goods and services. Web sites that are warm, hospitable and motivating tug at the heartstrings of your customers. Make your business unforgettable!

When a website is warm and inviting, potential customers are drawn to your product and message. Make it human! Web designers need to tailor their work carefully in order to push the right buttons with the right consumers. That is the intent behind every website I develop. Touch an emotion, evoke a smile, create a bond... Help the consumer to focus on your message, not the technology.

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Ignore the Fads, Touch the Heart

So much of web design today follows trends driven largely by the tools we employ. 'The Flat Look.' 'The Web 2.0 Look.' 'The Parallax Effect.' I could go on listing eye-candy trends that designers embrace like lemmings. Fads die as quickly as they appear.

However, a sincere appeal to the heart makes a truly lasting impression. Web design 'trends' do not reflect what matters most to the audience we serve. Focus on the emotional needs of your audience, and your website will be more effective and enduring.

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Small Business Web Design That Connects With Customers

Emotional website design gives your business a competitive advantage. "The most effective advertising appeals not to logic, but emotion." -The Linus Report. The emotional values of your website can often sell your product more effectively than its content. "We may forget the content of a book, movie, or advertisement, but not the feelings elicited by them." -Emotion and Reason in Consumer Behavior. Consumers will connect with your small-business website if it has appealing emotional values. It makes consumers customers!

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How to Critique an Online Portfolio

When judging the work of a freelance web designer, there are some simple factors that will help you to choose the right candidate. What is your initial response to what you see? How does it make you feel? Does the portfolio appeal to you visually? What is your emotional response to the design qualities inherent in the portfolio? Does the quality of the portfolio inspire trust? Is the web designer's vision compatible with your business mission and goals? These questions will help you to determine if the portfolio merits a place on your shortlist of web designers to choose for your next project.

Three Key Ways To Attract More Online Customers:

Communicate: How something is said matters as much as what is said. Since your website is a form of communication, it cannot be effective if it delivers a confusing or inappropriate message. What message and feelings are communicated by the visual elements? Good web design communicates in a way that supports your business message and mission. It strengthens your business image and compliments your content.

web design with human emotions

Focus On Human Emotions: Good website design focuses on human needs and desires. It touches the hearts of consumers with relevant and appealing images and colors. Most decisions made by shoppers involve a measure of emotion. In fact, it is a key factor in many purchases. We use the persuasive power of color and imagery to create an emotional attachment in the heart of potential customers.

Choose the Right Images: Selecting photos, graphics, and colors that convey the right emotional message is hard work. I often devote hours to looking for images that best support our client's vision and brand. That effort brings rewards. It leads to finding images that are memorable and complimentary to my client's business, with strong emotional and artistic values. That's greatly appreciated by my client and more importantly, by potential customers.

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Freelance Mobile Website Design

Mobile Web, including the use of smartphones for web-browsing, has changed online marketing in a big way. Consumers use smartphones for more than 50% of their Web browsing. Websites must now be compatible with every Mobile Web-enabled device, from smartphones to large desktop flat-screen monitors. All recent projects in my web design portfolio are mobile friendly, and meet the best standards recommended by Google.

Freelance Mobile Website Design

The use of 'responsive' web design technology ensures that your website is future-proof and fully adaptable to all mobile devices. Google, the world's most popular search engine requires that websites meet mobile-friendly standards in order to be ranked highly in mobile search results. All current websites we build meets Google's Mobile standards.

The importance of Mobile cannot be over-emphasized. I have adopted a 'Mobile-First' strategy for 2016. In other words, I build websites that are focused on best serving the needs of the mobile customer. Why? Amazon.com the largest e-commerce retailer online stated that more than 70% of all shopping transactions for the holiday season 2015 were done on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). More than likely, 50% or more of the traffic visiting your website is coming from smartphones.

Freelance Mobile Website Design

Social Media Integration

A key way to promote your website online is through Social Media. I build Social Media tools into my client websites that encourage visitors to share, like, and tweet your web pages through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. The Social Media 'signals' generated by such activity can enhance your ranking in Google and generate more traffic for your website.

WordPress Website Design/Development Experts

WordPress is an excellent Content Management System (CMS) that provides powerful website functionality to clients on a small business budget. It is one of the best ways to develop a cost-effective responsive (mobile-friendly) website within a tight budget. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media tools are available through plugin architecture that allows my small business clients to have functionality that would normally cost much more to develop.

WordPress Website Designer

More than 90% of the websites I currently develop use WordPress as a CMS. This gives clients the best-in-class tools they need for online business marketing on a budget. I provide a full-range of mobile-friendly WordPress web development and maintenance services.

WordPress is also the best choice for building websites that search engines love. It is well suited for creating and maintaining fresh relevant content. As never before, content holds the key to your online visibility. I help my clients to build a content marketing strategy builds the authority and relevance of their website in search engines and for consumers.

Freelance WordPress Website Designer

I Provide Freelance Web Design Services for:

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A Freelance Web Designer You Can Understand

One of the crucial elements of a good web design project is the communication between the client and web designer. I take the mystery out of web design. You will clearly understand every step of the process. The many articles featured on this website help my clients ( and future clients) to understand the elements of good web design. You will feel comfortable and engaged in project collaboration. The end result will be the best solution for your online marketing needs.

Cuteness Sells In Web Design

Hire a New York City Web Designer

As a local freelance web designer, I have first-hand knowledge of your online market. I understand the culture and thinking of the customers you are seeking. Online marketing has its own language, and to speak it fluently you must be a part of that market. Some small businesses will use outsourced web design only to discover that something is lost in the translation. Let me help you to get it right the first time!

A Freelance Website Designer You Can Understand

I itemize every element of the web building process in our contract. Generally, my contracts are flat fee based so you know the precise amount you will be budgeting for the project.

Let Me Build Your Next Website!

I have developed websites for a wide range of industries, businesses, and organizations. The sound design and marketing principles behind my work have helped small businesses internationally to market effectively online. Let me help you to create your best website ever! I appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy my web design portfolio. Proudly coded in Manhattan, New York City by Don Peterson.

I am not accepting current commercial web design projects. I retired in 2016 and left my New York freelance web design consultancy. I currently only work on selected non-commercial assignments.  -Don Peterson, New York, NY

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