Good Design Is Persuasive!

I like to think that as a web designer, I am more resistant than most to the appeal of packaging. After all, making stuff look good is my profession. But the truth is that I am just as attracted to a product by virtue of great packaging as the next guy.

why good design matters

Good Design Works!

Recently, during a routine trip to my local supermarket, a new brand of almond milk caught my eye. I instantly responded to the packaging of this product on a visceral level first and foremost, a testament to the appeal of its design. I think the packaging really flatters the product and enhances its appeal considerably. The shape of the bottle stands out from the paper cartons typically used to package similar products. The subtle off white color feels organic and "natural," as does the rounded corners of the bottle. The typography and clean simple graphics have a vintage feel that gives the product lots of character.

The packaging encouraged me to pick up the product and make a closer examination. After reviewing the ingredients and price, I decided to purchase this new brand of almond milk, forgoing the brand I normally purchase. I must admit that it was the good design of the packaging that started that process and added a considerable degree of persuasion to that buying decision. Therein, lies the power of good design. It adds a powerful emotional persuader to the buying process. Good design matters!

P.S. It tastes great too. Not only is it heart healthy, the addition of coconut milk adds a slightly nutty taste that gives the almond milk a bit of body and depth. I'm hooked!

Why Good Design Matters!