Google has released a new app that at first glance holds great promise as a vital travel accessory. Google Trips is a mobile app (available in Google Play Store) that gives a vacationers and weekend travelers a very convenient way to plan a travel itinerary and discover related attractions and restaurants.

Google Trips

Google Trips Is the Perfect Offline Travel Guide

One of the best features of Google Trips is that it is available offline. You can plan your trip while online, save an itinerary, and access the offline information at any time. No need to worry about available WiFi while you travel. According to Google's blog, this app is optimized to deliver information on the top 200 cities in the world. It is focused on vacation travel and is quite intuitive to use.

Google Trips - Travel Planning

I tested Google Trips on a day trip to one of my favorite cities, Santa Fe, New Mexico. It offered a good selection of local attractions and museums for travel along with brief reviews, business hours, and directions. It also gave a good selection of local restaurants and cafes to choose from. Use the app when you are online to browse and select attractions and restaurants. Save your selections in Google Trip and they become available offline as you go about your day. Nice!

Google Trips is a great travel tool that will become more useful as it is updated with new attractions, restaurants, and travel reviews. I really love the offline capabilities it offers. It takes away any worries about having a WiFi connection while traveling. It's free, easy-to-use travel accessory.

There Are Some Caveats to Consider

Google does not hide the fact that it uses personal information it gathers from your use of its free apps and services to send you targeted advertising. Now, Google not only knows what interests you when you search online, who your friends and contacts are (Gmail), Google Trips will tell them where you go on vacation, your itinerary, and restaurant choices. It will even tell them your travel dates, flight information, and hotel reservations if you choose to input that. That information has a long shelf life and is out of your control. It is up to you to make an informed decision when using any free app that data-mines your personal information.

Google Trips – Your New Travel…