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The beauty of the mobile web is that it is most often used by consumers when they are ready to buy. They may be looking for a local restaurant or shop, near the point of purchase. They click on their smartphone browser, do a quick search, and get the needed information and directions. Minutes later, they purchase the service or product. Is your business the one that benefits from a transaction that began on a smartphone? Is your website optimized to provide the needed informatigrow sales with smartphones

Mobile Web is quickly changing how business is done. Here’s an example from Crains’ New York Business, article Small Businesses Chase Mobile Customers:

Georgette Blau, president of On Location Tours, which operates television and movie tours in New York City and Boston, is hoping her new mobile site will help her make up for the loss of international sales that occurred because of the financial crisis in Europe. “We looked at all the tourists walking around New York City and thought, Why don’t we have a mobile website, so they can book a tour spur-of-the-moment?” A few months ago, Ms. Blau had her site customized for a smartphone. That included color-coding tours so they are easily recognized. She launched the mobile site in October. “It’s already accounted for 7% of direct sales,” she said.”

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Mobile Web is changing the way people discover and choose local shops and businesses. According to a recent report released by MasterCard Advisors, mobile sales could be especially important to small retailers who have been hit hard by slow growth in spending, which increased just 3.8% year-over-year in December, the lowest growth rate since October 2010. As of October 2015, Google stated that more than half of all search worldwide is now done on smartphones. Consumers are moving the online market to mobile in a big way. As a business owner, are you keeping up?

Why Mobile Website Design Matters

With more people using their mobile devices to access information about local retailers, small business owners need to think about how their website adapts to smartphones and tablets. If your content isn’t easy to read and access on a smaller screen, customers might move on to a competitor website.

In this regard, practice what I preach! This website uses a fully responsive web design compatible with all web-enabled devices. For good reason! My Google Analytics statistics shows that nearly half of my daily visitors are using smartphones or tablets to visit this website.

Upgrading to Responsive Web Design For Mobile Customers

For a modest investment, small business owners can upgrade their websites to be mobile web ready. Commonly called “Responsive” web design, it adapts to any web-enabled device from smartphones to iPads, insuring legible and easy-to-navigate web content on all devices. The time to make the mobile web design upgrade is now!

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Freelance Mobile Web Designer Don Peterson is the creative force behind this website and portfolio. I help small businesses just like yours to serve the needs of consumers using the Mobile Web to find and purchase products and services. Call Don at to discuss affordable mobile web solutions for your business.

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